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The SRM Training System is intended to take your training and racing to the next level by incorporating power based training into your routine. Training with a PowerMeter can allow you to specifically target the actual demands of your goals, pace your effort on race day, organize your workout schedule and track fitness trends with consistent, accurate data. Now you can objectively find your limits and train to push beyond them!

Meet the first crank based powermeter

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  1. SRM Campagnolo System

    From: £3,600.00

    To: £3,670.00


    With Campagnolo Record® level performance, the amazingly smooth C.U.L.T.® Ceramic bearings, and lightning fast shifting of the Campy XPSS® chain rings, SRM now has a truly seamless option for Campy fans using the new EPS® electronic or mechanical shifting component groupos.

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  2. SRM Powercontrol 8

    From: £720.00

    To: £790.00


    With the PC8 SRM offers a device that is focused entirely on the needs of athletes, and foregoes gimmicks. In addition to common values such as power, heart rate, speed, etc. - the Training Peaks metrics such TSS® (Training Stress Score®), NP® (Normalized Power®) and IF® (Intensity Factor®) are calculated, and the values are displayed.  Also, location and content of the various data fields on the display is configurable.

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  3. SRM Rotor 3D+ System

    From: £2,982.00

    To: £3,075.00


    The SRM-Rotor PowerMeter is offered in two different crank options, the 3D and 3D+. Both cranks use the Trinity Drilling Process to create three holes drilled end to end, length-wise, through a solid piece of aluminum. This allows for an extremely low weight as well as an optimized weight to rigidity ratio. The Rotor 3D+ crank set is also the choice of the Garmin-Sharp Professional Cycling Team. 
    The SRM-Rotor PowerMeter allows for more compatibility between frames and gives the same precision and durability found throughout the SRM Product line. The Rotor 3D+ model SRM PowerMeter allows for direct integration into BBRite and BB30/PF30 framesets. The Rotor 3D models allow for compatibility with standard BSA as well as press-fit BB90 frames. 
    The Wireless PowerMeter is offered in either a 110mm or 130mm BCD

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  4. SRM Dura Ace 9000 System

    From: £3,364.98

    To: £3,499.98

    The new SRM Shimano 11-Speed PowerMeter is the next generation of seamless dreivetrain integration for Shimano groupo users and Power enthusiasts. Improving over the 7900 series SRM PowerMeter, the SRM Shimano 11-Speed now boasts 3000 hours of battery life! Electronic shifting systems make gear changes faster and virtually eliminate missed shifts, but the forces on the chain rings are much higher than with mechanical derailleurs.

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  5. SRM Cannondale System

    From: £2,280.00

    To: £2,335.00


    System Integrated Perfection

    The BB30 Crankset that started it all!

    The SRM Cannondale PowerMeter is SRM's lightest compact 110 BCD road setup. First offered in 2005, the SRM Cannondale PowerMeter has been used by numerous professional teams and riders, and taken to countless race victories.

    In 2010, Ivan Basso won the Giro d'Italia with his Liquigas/Cannondale team, all competing with this model SRM. This was the first PowerMeter designed around an existing crank arm system, and designed specifically for the Cannondale BB30 Hollowgram SI cranks.

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