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Garmin Vector 3

Garmin Vector 3
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Evolution of vector for the better
I've used all versions of vectors and it's great to see the product evolve to incorporate all the features that as a user you wanted to see.

-The pods dissappearing makes installation and moving between bikes so much more convenient.
-Ability to turn on auto calibration after the 1st install
-Manage and update the pedals through garmin connect
-light and minamilist

Slight gripes (so far)
- Pedals are very stiff on the spindle. You don't notice when pedalling but if you unclip the pedal does not naturally return to a position dictated by gravity. This means when you go to clip in again you have to "find" the top of the pedal with your foot which is distracting especially if taking off in traffic. I'm hoping they free up with use.
- The door to the battery compartment may prove easy to crossthread over time. Especially when the pedals are mounted. Take the time to make sure you have the covers properly fitted before tightening.
-both pedals now have separate ant+ ID's. This is inscribed on the pedal. When registering the pedals garmin connect only recognised one of the Id's as a valid product. If registration fails try the other ID
Review by Nkols / (Posted on 11/21/2017)

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