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The Quarq DZero Platform

Quarq's next-generation power meter platform, DZero, is named for the DZero Experiment, one of science’s most accurate and innovative projects to detect subatomic particles moving at the speed of light. DZero combines 10 years of accumulated Quarq advances with new features and a simplified product line.

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  1. Quarq Dzero 11R Road Powermeter Exogram Carbon

    RRP: £787.00

    Our Price: £679.00


    Quarq’s next generation in power meters, DZero combines 10 years of technology advances with new features such as dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless data transfer, the new Qalvin BLE app and, for the carbon version, compatibility with BB386EVO bottom brackets.

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  2. Quarq DZero 11R Road Powermeter Aluminium

    RRP: £660.00

    Our Price: £509.00

    DZero Quarq 11R Road Power meter (rings and BB not included) Aluminium cranks available in: 165, 170, 172.5, 175mm Learn More
  3. SRAM RED DZero Quarq 11R Hidden Bolt Road Power meter

    RRP: £787.00

    Our Price: £640.00


    Built for SRAM’s popular RED groupset, and compatible with all of SRAM’s road groupsets, the SRAM RED DZero Power Meter embodies 10 years of Quarq’s technology advances and adds new features such as dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ wireless data transfer, the new Qalvin BLE app and compatibility with BB386EVO bottom brackets.

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  4. Quarq DFour Power Meter Chassis

    RRP: £872.00

    Our Price: £775.00

    DZERO INNOVATION FOR SHIMANO BIKES The DFour power meter is a bolt-on upgrade for Shimano’s 11-speed Dura-Ace 9000, Ultegra 6800 and 105 5800 drivetrains. Learn More
  5. SRAM Red 1x D1 Quarq Road Powermeter DUB (BB not included)

    The SRAM RED AXS™ power meter breaks with tradition — and breaks through to new levels of performance.
    The power meters are designed with Quarq’s premier DZero™ power measurement technology fully integrated into the crankset.

    Welcome to the pinnacle of the power meter.

    RED AXS 1x D1 DUB Power Meter pairs a Quarq power meter with SRAM 12-speed chainset to give accurate dual sided figures without compromising on shifting performance at all.
    Perfect for CX, gravel and time trials, the single ring set up brings simplicity and security thanks to SRAM’s X-SYNC™ narrow-wide chainring technology.

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  6. DZeroDUB crankset builder

    From: £535.00

    To: £2,025.00

    DZero DUB power meter spider must be paired with a compatible Quarq DZero DUB crankset and SRAM DUB™ bottom bracket.

    DZero DUB is designed for the most major brands of 10- and 11-speed chainrings.

    With this builder you can build any of the DZero DUB spiders to any  of the compatible crankarms to make crankset and then add a bottom bracket is needed.

    Choose from 4 spider types

    Choose from 4 types of crank arm, Quarq DUB, RED AXS D1, RED AXS D1 24mm, Force D1 DUB

    Choose from 5 Bottom Brackets (if required), BSA,BB86, BB30, PF30 and BBright

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