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ANT+ BLE WIFI converters

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  1. Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

    Trusted by pros and enthusiasts alike, Viiiiva is 10x more sensitive than most heart rate monitors, 5x more responsive, uses advanced beat-to-beat measurement, and can store up to 65 hours of data. The sensor also collects and transfers data from your other ANT+ products via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android device.  

    Viiiiva is comfortable and easy to wear, featuring a soft, flexible strap for a perfect fit.

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    CABLE (Connect ANT+ to Bluetooth Low Energy) converts ANT+ radio signal to the industry standard Bluetooth Low Energy connections.The ANT+ data is available in any application capable of consuming BLE profile data.

     This is the only stand-alone ANT+ to BLE converter on the market! 

    The supported ANT+ profiles are Heart Rate, Bike Power, Bike Speed & Cadence, Running Speed & Cadence, Crank Torque and Fitness Equipment. The supported Bike Power profiles include Power Only, Wheel Torque, Crank Torque and Crank Torque Frequency

    Required an Apple iPhone or iPad to confiure the CABLE with the Cable-util app. There is no Android version of this app.


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    WASP-N  is a standalone unit  providing a bridge for sensor devices to communicate wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks  to other devices or over the Internet.  This two radio bridge allows for simultaneous management of multiple sensor protocols (ANT+/ANT/BLE).  The standard configuration for shipment is ANT+/BLE.  OEM client have unique encryption keys for their WASP products that allow them to only work for their applications

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  4. NPE GEM RETRO treadmill

    GEM RETRO is a plug and play Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity solution for CSAFE enabled fitness equipment allowing realtime tracking of workout performance with smartphones, tablets, and group fitness leaderboard software. GEM RETRO integrates with CSAFE enabled cardio equipment including, treadmills, stationary bikes, steppers, step mills/stair mills, ellipticals, total body trainers, tread climbers, and rowers.

    Perfect o connect your fitness equipment to Zwift


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    This device sends your heart rate data from your Apple Watch® to your Peloton® bike or treadmill

    • Pairs to your Apple Watch® using Bluetooth

    • heatbeatz connect Apple Watch® app broadcasts your heart rate data to your Peloton® bike or treadmill.

    • Small form factor powered by coin cell battery

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