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Elite Drivo direct drive FE-C, B mag trainer with power meter

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Elite Drivo direct drive FE-C, B mag trainer with power meter

RRP: £1,199.99

Our Price: £1,099.00

Availability: Ships in 2-3 days

  • The new benchmark in home training, the most powerful and accurate direct drive trainer available

  • Integrated Optical Torque System (OTS) power meter uses technology exclusive to Elite trainers and is certified to be accurate to within less than 1% making it the most accurate power measuring system available to the public

  • All Drivos are tested and calibrated before shipping using an Lorenz industrial torque meter, once calibrated an occasional software-based recalibration is all that's required, no sending your trainer back for recalibration

  • FE-C smart trainer protocol means that the Drivo will play nicely with a plethora of third party software such as Trainer Road and Zwift

  • Super powerful and responsive mag resistance unit can generate over 2,000 Watts and simulate grades of up to 24%

  • 6 KG internal flywheel is geared up for high RPM's, generating a smoother feel

  • Comes with a complete suite of P.C. training software and a free lifetime subscription to Elite's My Etraining APP

  • Connects to your computer or wireless device by both ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart

  • Comes with a 9/10/11 speed compatible shimano freehub, Campag users will require adaptor TT14233



Interactive hometrainer with direct measurement of power transmission and electronically- managed magnetic resistance technology. Designed as the next step in the evolution of Elite Real Turbo Muin B+, it shares the same advantages such, as smooth pedaling, quietness and wireless adjustment of electronic resistance, but adds the ability to precisely measure power output through an integrated ergometer inside the hometrainer.

Technical specs: The technical sophistication of the Drivo hometrainer makes it a professional instrument for indoor training sessions:
• Integrated power measurement accurately measures wattage during training
• Electronic resistance automatically adjusts based on type of training or on the course chosen
• Compatible with ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart wireless communication protocols
• Internal flywheel delivers smooth road-like pedaling during any training situation
• High power output: ideal for training sessions based on cadence, power and sprints. The hometrainer accurately simulates slopes up to 24% by providing high power outputs at lower speeds for extended periods
• Extremely sturdy frame folds easily when not in use
• Ideal for road and mountain bikes • Compatible with bikes with 130-135x5 mm hubs with quick release and bikes and with 142x12mm thru-axle
• The installed freehub is compatible with standard Shimano-SRAM 9/10/11 speed cassettes A Campagnolo compatible 9/10/11 speed cassette freehub is available as an option

Hardware: Resistance unit: The hometrainer is directly connected to the bicycle's chain, thereby accurately transmitting the athlete's generated power. Using an innovative pulley system, with highly resistant transmission belts designed by Elite, the pedal effort is always evenly transferred to the resistance unit; the result is an optimized training session. Wheel slippage, even under the most extreme conditions, such as sprints and standing starts, is eliminated.

The 6 kg internal flywheel has been designed to deliver smooth road-like pedaling.

Drivo utilizes a technologically advanced magnetic braking system that can accurately adjust resistance. This technology allows the hometrainer to provide high power outputs even at lower speeds, for instance 650 watts at 15 km/h or 975 watts at 20 km/h accurately simulates even the toughest slopes. At the same time, it simulates totally flat and smooth courses, i.e. a velodrome, with a 160 watts - 30 km/h power output.

Power measurement: Drivo design guarantees an exact measurement of athlete’s generated power. Integral part and technology heart of Drivo is Elite-design power measurement. This ergometer measures the torque on Drivo internal transmission shaft and to determinate the user’s correct power values expressed in watts, with a tolerance of +/-1% equal to the most accurate, professionally used scientific measuring devices. The Elite-designed system is also very easy, intuitive and quick to set-up and use and does not need long-term maintenance.

Wireless data transmission and resistance adjustment: Data transfer between parts of the system is wireless and features ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart communication protocols. Both protocols are very safe and protected against interference, so more data transmission systems can coexist in the same environment.
Drivo sends data using ANT+™ profiles:
ANT+™ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control)
ANT+™ Power
ANT+™ Speed&Cadence
Drivo also transmits data using Bluetooth profiles:
- Speed&Cadence
- Power
Thanks to the variety of profiles, Drivo data can be shown on a wide variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, cycle computers and navigators.

Total interaction between apps, software, computer, smartphone and tablet: ANT+™ FE-E and Bluetooth Smart protocols quickly and easily connect Drivo to computers, smartphones or tablets compatible with these profiles and manage resistance by adjusting and displaying training session parameters.
The hometrainer is managed via Elite-designed products such as Real Software for Windows computers or My ETraining app for smartphones or tablets (iOS and Android).
Thanks to ANT+™ FE-C communication protocol, third platforms such as Zwift, Kinomap, TrainerRoad, etc., can be easily and entirely used with Drivo to allow the maximum interactivity and personalized indoor training. It's also possible to manage the hometrainer through the newer cycle computers that feature the ANT+™ FE-C protocol, such as the Garmin Edge 520 or 1000.

Multi-channel data transmission: In addition to managing the hometrainer via the ANT+™ FE-C and Bluetooth Smart protocols, Drivo also transmits speed and cadence data via the ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart Speed&Cadence protocol and power data via the ANT+™ and Bluetooth Smart Power protocol; this allows indoor training session data to be displayed and saved on cycle computers featuring the ANT+™ Speed&Cadence protocol and ANT+™ Power protocol.

Very easy to use: The hometrainer folds quickly without tools, reducing clutter when not in use, and is easily transportable. The frame includes an ergonomic handle for easier transport.

Consistent saddle positioning: The adjustable, anti-scratch plastic feet perfectly align the bicycle, so the rider’s outdoor saddle position can be duplicated.

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