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Release your power with CORE Body Temperature Monitoring

Used by athletes, coaches and sports scientists



When exercising your core body temperature rises and as this rises, your performance (power) goes down.

Monitoring your core body temperature will give you the knowledge and insights to improve your performance

How you can use the CORE sensor



Up to now, core body temperature could only be measured continuously using invasive methods like thermometers, probes and electronic pills or in a controlled environment.

The CORE sensor is the first wearable device that continuously and accurately measures core body temperature on the go.

The CORE sensor seamlessly integrates and lets you see your live data on the Smart Phone App and record directly to Garmin, Wahoo and COROS. Learn More

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    WASP-N  is a standalone unit  providing a bridge for sensor devices to communicate wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks  to other devices or over the Internet.  This two radio bridge allows for simultaneous management of multiple sensor protocols (ANT+/ANT/BLE).  The standard configuration for shipment is ANT+/BLE.  OEM client have unique encryption keys for their WASP products that allow them to only work for their applications

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  2. CORE Temperature Sensor

    What is CORE?
    CORE is the only wearable non-invasive, continuous, and accurate Core Body Temperature monitoring solution. Is CORE right for me? The device is validated for intense sports activity, as well as for daily use.

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    CORE uses a specially designed magnetic USB charging cable. As CORE is designed to remain waterproof, this charging cable is unique (and is different to common USB cables).

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  4. CORE Team Bundle

    The CORE Team Bundle is great value for any team or organisation who require several CORE Body Temperature Monitoring devices with the convenience offered by the Charging Bay Station to recharge all of the units. 

    Included in the Team Bundle:

    • 6 CORE Body Temperature Monitoring devices
    • 1 Charging Bay Station
    • 1 Chest Strap
    • 1 Arm Strap
    • Box of 24 Medical Grade Adhesive Patches
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    The CORE six-bay charging station is a convenient way to store and charge up to six CORE devices. Specifically designed for CORE, the charging station is simple and helps organise and charge multiple CORE devices. 

    With this, you can charge and store six devices at the same time. LED charging indicators show when the CORE units are fully charged

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  6. CORE Pads BTP7 Multi-Pack

    CORE Pads - Double-sided adhesive pads (24 pcs per set)

    Our specially designed medical-grade patches are convenient way to wear your CORE.   These custom patches are produced specifically for CORE by our industrial medical supplier using high grade, medically certified materials. 

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  7. CORE Chest Strap

    For the most accurate core body temperature measurements, CORE is worn on the chest. The chest strap is a convenient and reusable solution for wearing the CORE discretely for extended duration and particularly for sporting activities. 

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  8. CORE Arm Strap

    Many people find the convenience of wearing CORE on the arm strap (compared to a chest strap) an acceptable trade-off. Please note, when CORE is worn on the arm, the accuracy of the core body temperature measurements is lower as the thermoregulation of the arm can different from the torso/chest.

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