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** PowerTap Trade-In **

Powertap trade in 2017

Terms and Conditions for the PowerTap trade in offer

In addition to our standard terms & conditions of sale, this PowerTap Trade-In program includes the following terms & conditions:

  • Definition: “trade-in unit” is the approved powermeter (as outlined below) which is returned to Cyclepowermeters by you (the customer) to allow a discount against a new PowerTap product (as listed below).
  • Valid only for customers within the EU.
  • Date of promotion: 10th Feb 2017 – 28th Feb 2017. Forms submitted up until this date will still be processed.
  • Some products may be out of stock, we hope to keep lead-times to a minimum and will advise you on any delay.
  • Trade-In is only valid by returning one of the listed used products to us.  Only one product can be purchased for returned trade-in unit. Returned unit must be a direct-force powermeter (exclusions apply), it may be either be working or faulty.
    • PowerTap – rear hub or rear wheel
    • SRM – powermeter chainset
    • Quarq – powermeter chainset
    • Stages – left crank arm
    • Pioneer – left crank arm, or full chainset
    • Look/Polar – Keo Power Pedals
    • InfoCrank – powermeter chainset
    • Rotor Power – powermeter chainset, or left crank arm (LT or INpower)
    • Favero BePro – powermeter pedals
    • Garmin Vector – powermeter pedals
    • Power2Max – powermeter chainset
    • 4iiii - left crank arm, or full chainset
    • Other direct-force units subject to approval


  • Powertap Powercal
  • Ergomo
  • iBike
  • other non-direct force units


Upon receipt of the trade-in unit and dispatch of your new PowerTap product, your trade-in unit becomes property of Cyclepowermeters Ltd. As per our standard terms and conditions of sale, you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of any of these items within a period of 7 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which the item is delivered. After this period has ended, the trade-in unit will either be destroyed and recycled, or refurbished.


Trade-In Process:

-          Submit form, selecting which product you would wish to purchase and which product you wish to trade in.

-          Cyclepowermeters will approve this order, sending you:

  1. a returns label for you to print off and include with your trade-in product (you can just use your order number from the website);
  2.  a discount code allowing you to purchase your desired PowerTap product online. This code will only work if you create an account and login to that account. 

-          You will then ship your trade-in product to Cyclepowermeters, upon receipt we will then dispatch your new PowerTap product.