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LOOK Polar



> Opens Keo Power to multiple players: Smartphone (IPhone 4S and above / Android 4.3 and above), new Polar computers (V800/V650) and any other computer opting for Bluetooth in the future.


This new functionality measures effective force applied to the pedal at different points in the pedalling cycle. The benefit for cyclists is to be able to enhance their pedalling efficiency. The sensor takes 20 readings a second for maximum precision. Force Measurement provides the following information:

Maximum and minimum force for each pedalling cycle

The angles for these maximum and minimum forces

Top and bottom dead spot angles

Amplitude of these dead spots

All this information defines how the rider is pedalling and to fine-tune his or her training in order to optimise it.


Each spindle is fitted with 8 strain gauges enabling forces applied to the spindle to be measured with great precision.

> Observed measurement variation, regardless of force magnitude and its point of application is less than 2%. The spindle electronics are designed to measure forces up to 170 kg, obviously the spindle is able to withstand much greater forces.

> Cadence is measured using a reed relay located in the pedal body.

> Keo Power is able to provide power by measuring force and cadence. This information is then sent to the transmitter that sends it wirelessly to the computer via the Bluetooth protocol.

> All pedals are inspected and calibrated in production.

> The impact of temperature on measurement is the lowest possible. Temperature variations within ±5 °C have no impact. Temperature may have an impact outside this range. Simply rebooting is sufficient to recalibrate the system.


> Very easy to install (just a few minutes), compatible with all bikes on the market.

> Very easy to move from one bike to another, unlike other systems.

> Compatible with cranksets with cranks under 16 mm thick and pedal height less than 40 mm.

> Calibration takes place automatically on system start-up for consistently accurate measurement. Keo Power is designed to minimise the impact of temperature on the gauges.


> All the Keo features:

One of the widest platforms on the market (62 mm - 400 mm2) for excellent pedalling stability.

Platform height: 17.5 mm.

One of the lightest power measurements systems on the market: just 150 g of added weight compared to a high-end LOOK pedal which is very light as it is.

A highly developed spindle system: 3 bearings, double seal. The same validation tests as standard spindle systems: Keo Power spindles are only approved after a 2 million cycle rotation test at 100 rpm with a 90 kg load on the centre of the pedal and eccentric rotation (which replicates a bump at each revolution). This test far exceeds the current standard (EN14781).


2 instrumented pedals

2 transmitters

All the Keo Power technology


Power measured at each spindle and left / right power distribution indicated as a percentage. This will enable experienced cyclists to improve their pedalling technique.


1 instrumented left-hand pedal / 1 standard right-hand pedal

1 transmitter

All the Keo Power technology

No left / right power measurement. Total power will be provided by multiplying the measurement taken at the left-hand pedal by 2.